Diddy's ex girlfriend Cassie feels 'courageous' amid SA lawsuits

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Diddys ex girlfriend Cassie feels courageous amid SA lawsuits
Diddy's ex girlfriend Cassie feels 'courageous' amid SA lawsuits

Sean “Diddy” Combs’ ex-girlfriend Cassie finally feels “heard” amid his sexual assault lawsuits.

The 37-year-old singer accused the music mogul of rape and repeated abuse in November 2023, but the two settled the case just a day after she filed it.

“I have decided to resolve this matter amicably on terms that I have some level of control,” Cassie told Page Six at the time.

However, her story led to several people coming forward with their stories of alleged abuse they faced at the hands of Diddy.

“Cassie has been silent for almost two decades and feels relieved that she was able to stand up for herself and that more is coming to light. It took a very long time for her to muster up the courage to speak out, but this has been in the works for years,” a source told US Weekly.

They added, “Cassie has seen the worst of Diddy and he has put her through the most traumatic abuse. She isn’t able to speak about the things she has seen during their relationship, but it was very dark.”