WATCH: Al-Hilal ridicules Cristiano Ronaldo with WWE music

Lionel Messi's fans grab opportunity to tease Ronaldo

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Portuguese star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was mocked by a video uploaded by Al-Hilal Monday, showing the Al-Nassr forward hitting the rival club’s player with an elbow.

The video uploaded on Facebook also showed his last year’s attempt on a rival member in which Cristiano Ronaldo chased the ball and then promptly held the rival team’s member by his neck and pushed him to the ground.

In the background, there was also wrestler John Cena’s entry music, making the combination of the two videos.

The 39-year-old player was given a red card for hitting an elbow and a stamp on Ali Al-Bulaihi and was sent to the dressing room.

Al-Hilal’s player attempted to block the Portuguese from getting the ball to take a quick throw-in, leading to the pair to square up with the ball still out of play.

Al Nassr was crushed by 2-1 in the Saudi Super Cup semifinal in Abu Dhabi.

At the time of his red card, Al-Nassr were 2-0 down before they scored late on Monday.

The opportunity was not missed by the fans of Argentinian star Lionel Messi who teased Ronaldo and chanted slogans.

The footballer signed a two-and-a-half-year $213m contract with the 18-time Saudi champions in December 2022.

He moved to the Middle Eastern country with his family in 2023.