People urged to 'shower as a couple' as Colombia faces water crisis

Empty reservoirs, empty buckets: Colombia's capital faces water shortage

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From rain city to rationing: Bogotá scrambles to conserve dwindling water supply. — AP/File
From rain city to rationing: Bogotá scrambles to conserve dwindling water supply. — AP/File 

Colombian capital Bogotá, located at around 2,600 meters (8,500 feet) high in the Andes, is confronting a water crisis that has never occurred in generations, The Guardian reported.

The roasting of El Niño has ignited record-shattering droughts, bringing in the current reservoir that stands on 16%-the driest ever registered.

In the face of this shortage of water, Mayor Carlos Fernando Galán has issued rationing rules, which include bifurcating the city sections and water supply cuts for 24 hours. "But, let's not waste the water," Galán emphasised that people should decrease the water usage.

“Shower as a couple,” said Galán. “This is an educational exercise in saving water, nothing else. That kind of thing is going to help us a lot. Those behavioural changes are key.”

Some experts say that Bogotá's water supply could last only 54 days, according to Bogotá's water supply service to city residents.

Revealing a dilemma between the significance of hygiene for Colombians versus the extent to which these practices will be followed, Mariana García Achury who is a resident of Bogotá also has her doubts regarding this agenda.

Bogotá, like some other metropolitan areas in South America, is facing the consequences of the outbreak of drought. In terms of rationing water, Mexico City was forced to start this plan last month, whereas Guatemala announced a wildfire emergency recently.

The future remains uncertain. Will the measures still be in force long? Is the population prepared for the worst drought scenario possible in Bogotá? Will they be able to plan accordingly to avoid the disaster? 

Only time will tell, but one thing is clear: Bogotá is, undoubtedly, a city which is fighting for its life with every single drop.