Prince Harry urged to ‘stand aside' amid horrific claims against charity

Prince Harry's wildlife charity is facing horrifying allegations

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Prince Harry urged to ‘stand aside’ amid horrific claims against charity

Prince Harry is being urged to either take a stand or stand down after his wildlife charity was accused of torture and rape recently.

Harry’s charity African Parks was accused of torturing suspected poachers and raping native people on Friday. This isn’t the first time the charity has been hit with claims of horrifying crimes. 

Last May, there were claims of rapes against Baka women and the men of the Republic of Congo having their heads put under river water.

Harry was the president of the organization for six terms and is currently on the board.

Now, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams is urging the Duke of Sussex to speak up or distance himself from the organization.

He told The Sun: "There are further allegations, allegations of tortures, and so forth, that, again, will increase pressure on Prince Harry to stand down from the board at least while these investigations continue.”

"There's no doubt also that if he doesn't stand down, he should stand aside. There should undoubtedly be a response especially since Harry is so keen on conservation and so keen on this particular issue," he insisted.

"There should be some action on Harry's part. There's absolutely no question that there should now be a response from him," he urged.