Meghan Markle slammed for hiding and forgetting her kind staff

Meghan Markle has just been accused of hiding the efforts of all those who did everything they could for her in the UK

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Meghan Markle slammed for hiding and forgetting how staff ‘bent over backwards' to please

Meghan Markle has just been held accused of hiding the truth behind all the efforts that were made for her, while she lived in the UK.

Everything has been shared and issued by Channel 5 royal correspondent Simon Vigar.

He weighed in on things during an interview for The Sun’s show and began by admitting just how “people within the Palaces were helping” Meghan Markle and how they’d also often bend “over backwards” for the Duchess of Sussex.

In light of that, “The idea that people never wanted it to work - I find it completely bizarre..”

This comes especially since everyone in the Palace was “supportive” of Prince Harry and wanted him to be “happy.”

More so because “We knew that he was seriously worried that he would never find someone after the previous relationships which had ended.”

Later on into his chat he also pointed out how there were “very polite” headlines that followed shortly thereafter, with only the occasional “weird” publication.

The same expert also highlighted that there was never an issue of finding a girl who “didn’t like Harry”, and in fact would be finding someone willing to “put up” with everything that came as a result of dating a prince but the “people were delighted” regardless.

He also accused the couple of making their coverage out to be something that it wasn’t because “Covering events, her first walkabouts in the winter of 2018 before the wedding - you could see that the demographic had changed.”

“That the people who had turned out to see Harry and Meghan - there was a clear transformation [...], which was great. It was reflecting modern Britain.”