WATCH: Horse stranded over rooftop of house in Brazil amid flooding

Brazil devastated by catastrophic floods

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A heartbreaking video emerged from Brazil in which a horse attempted to survive by standing on the rooftop of a house in Rio Grande do Sul amid the deadly floods in the country that claimed at least 100 people.

The video was shot by the TV Globo using a helicopter Wednesday as the agency was measuring the destruction in the waterlogged areas.

The Rio Grande do Sul Department of Civil Defense said that it was launching a mission to rescue the stranded horse.

Apparently, the horse was left behind by its handlers who fled to save their lives from deadly inundation, in which hundreds of injuries have also been reported.

The severe weather also disrupted the rescue efforts by the Brazilian authorities as over 163,000 people were forced to take shelter and save their lives.

The devastation was triggered last week when torrential downpours commenced that ravaged infrastructure, and road connectivity in the state of Rio Grande do Sul — bordering Uruguay and Argentina.

Adriana Freitas in state capital Porto Alegre, where the Guaiba River burst its banks and inundated city streets, said: "We've lost everything. It's sad when we see the city, our house, in the middle of the water. It seems like it's over, that the world has ended."

As many as 128 people are also being located by the rescue officials urging people close to the Patos lagoon to leave their homes.

Reuters also reported that a local volunteer found about 20 dogs stranded on the second floor of an abandoned factory, and offered food.

Weather forecaster MetSul said in a statement the region could face more "very large" floods "of serious proportions".