Mark Zuckerberg celebrates 40th birthday with family, friends and Bill Gates

Mark Zuckerberg takes trip down memory lane for 40th birthday bash from wife Priscilla Chan

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Mark Zuckerberg revisits old dorms to celebrate 40th birthday. — Instagram

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg's 40th birthday celebration on Tuesday gave people a glimpse into an alternate universe where he and Microsoft founder Bill Gates are college roommates.

Zuckerberg, 40, in an Instagram post, shared snaps from his birthday bash, which was planned by his wife Priscilla Chan, 39.

He revisited his younger days in mini-replicas of some of his former cribs, including the Harvard dorm room where he launched Facebook.

In the photo, Gates, 68, was crouched on a little red sofa next to him.

"Grateful for my first 40 years! Priscilla threw me a little party and recreated a bunch of places I lived in the early days," Zuckerberg captioned the post.

Chan also recreated her husband's childhood bedroom, his first apartment, and a pizzeria where Zuckerberg said he "basically lived in college."

Zuckerberg attended Harvard University between 2002 and 2004, dropping out after he founded Facebook. Meanwhile, Gates attended Harvard between 1973 and 1975 but dropped out to start Microsoft.

The birthday boy put his rapper swag on for the party as he sported a chain necklace and a black t-shirt that had Cato the Elder's famous saying "Carthago delenda est" written in old English lettering.

The Latin message translates to "Carthage must be destroyed".