Scottie Scheffler arrested, handcuffed at Valhalla Golf Club

World's top golfer shoved against his vehicle, but later released

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Scottie Scheffler led away by cops in handcuffs at entrance of Valhalla Golf Club. — Louisville Metro Police Department

American professional golfer and world number one Scottie Scheffler was arrested by Louisville Metro Police Department Friday, reported ESPN.

His arrest is reported to have been conducted after a misunderstanding in a traffic flow as the 27-year-old attempted to drive past the police official into Valhalla Golf Club.

Scottie Scheffler arrived at the venue for the PGA Championship’s second round. Amid the arrest, the sports activity suffered a delay.

According to records by Jefferson County court, Scheffler was charged with second-degree assault on a police officer – a felony – along with lesser charges of third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving and disregarding signals from officers directing traffic, reported CNN.

A spokesperson for the PGA of America told the outlet: "As this is an ongoing situation, we will let you know of any updates as they come."

The PGA of America released a statement regarding the separate traffic collision, saying: "This morning we were devastated to learn that a worker with one of our vendors was tragically struck and killed by a shuttle bus outside Valhalla Golf Club."

"This is heartbreaking to all of us involved with the PGA Championship. We extend our sincere condolences to their family and loved ones."

Scheffler was released by the police officials afterward ahead of the PGA Championship’s second round.

The outlet reported describing the scene where a police officer tried to attach himself to the side of Scheffler's car. 

The golfer pulled up as he turned into the entrance of Valhalla Golf Club. Later, the officer started to yell at the world’s top golfer to step out of the vehicle.

The moment, Scheffler came out of the car, the officer shoved the sportsman against the vehicle and placed him in handcuffs.

An unidentified male was trying to cross Shelbyville Road outside Valhalla Golf Club gate on Friday at around 5am. The man was struck by a bus in the dedicated lane of the large transport vehicle. Authorities pronounced the man deceased at the scene.

According to the PGA officials, tee times for the second round would be delayed and another update would be made at 7am ET.

The American golfer Scottie Scheffler was scheduled for 8:48. The PGA of America said the round wouldn't start until at least an hour after the next update.