What's Donald Trump and Barron Trump's relation like?

Barron reveals what Donald Trump does at home

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Whats Donald Trump and Barron Trumps relation like?
This is what relation of Donald Trump and Barron Trump looks like. — AFP

When Donald Trump was elected to the White House in 2016, his family came under the limelight including his Barron Trump, who has been closely watched and raised by Melania Trump.

Barron Trump, who does not usually appear in front of the public eye because of her mother Melania Trump, has turned 18 this year and also graduated from the Oxbridge Academy, Palm Beach, Florida last week.

As the son of a billionaire former president, people are trying to unravel the mystery around the relationship between Donald Trump and his 18-year-old son.

Barron was set to make a political debut this month after being nominated as Florida delegate of the Republican National Convention however, the boy denied the offer, in a statement released by her mother, without revealing reasons.

In public appearances with family, according to The List, Barron and his father Trump usually wear the same coloured suits as seen at the funeral of Ivana Trump.

Moreover, when Barron appears with his 77-year-old father, the duo attracts a lot of attention, which the son may not like, or maybe he does not like to be embarrassed by his parents as most young kids do. 

There are certain public stunts such as dancing which may encourage Barron to hide from Trump.

According to The Mirror report, Barron also expressed what he thought about the music taste of his indictment-stricken father.

The report citing the guest stated: "All of a sudden the music just comes on loud. We're like, 'What the h*** is that?' He's like 'My freaking dad's the DJ.’”

The height of Barron Trump is 6 feet, 7 inches, surpassing all the Trumps in the family and for this reason, his father is jealous of him.