Here's what Donald Trump destroyed and Joe Biden didn't

Mark Cuban raises point about American presidents

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Heres what Donald Trump destroyed and Joe Biden didnt
Mark Cuban compares economic performance of Donald Trump and Joe Biden (L). — Reuters 

Former US president Donald Trump was criticised Friday for destroying the strong economy while the incumbent Joe Biden was defended for his measures to keep the country on a growth path.

Mark Cuban, who is a billionaire and an American investor revealed that Donald Trump squandered the economy.

On X, formerly Twitter, Cuban showed a graph that showed 12 months of positive real wage growth in the US.

The 65-year-old said: “Imagine looking at this graphic and not realizing that your guy underperformed the Obama economy he inherited and gave away all the wage growth trends in place when he took office.”

The graph presented the year-on-year data of Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden years.

Heres what Donald Trump destroyed and Joe Biden didnt
Mark Cuban unveils economic performances of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. — Reuters

A user, quoted by The Hill report, argued that Mark Cuban was ignoring the absence of any negative wage growth under former president Trump.

"You can’t brag about Biden’s ‘wage growth’ because the line is positive and then ignore the lack of negative wage growth in the Trump administration," they said.

The graph showed, as per the outlet, prior to the 12 straight months of real wage growth, meaning wages outpaced inflation, Biden presided over 25 consecutive months of negative real wage growth.

"I just showed the graphic. Without commentary," Cuban said. 

"The facts are that Obama and Biden inherited the Great Recession and Covid, both generational issues, and turned the economy positive over time.”

“The guy between them inherited a booming economy and in terms of wage growth, diminished it,” he added. “Is that what the numbers say to you?”