Rights activist Sarim Burney arrested on 'human trafficking charges'

Burney is accused of trafficking more than 25 children to US and illegally getting them adopted, say sources

Rights activist Sarim Burney. — Facebook/@Sarim Burney Trust International
  • Sarim Burney arrested on US govt's complaint. 
  • He is accused of trafficking over 25 kids to US.
  • FIA says investigation into matter is initiated. 

KARACHI: Rights activist Sarim Burney has been arrested in Karachi on the charges of human trafficking, Federal Investigation Agency told Geo News on Wednesday.

Burney was taken into custody after he landed in Karachi from United States, they said, noting that he was arrested on the complaint of US government. 

Burney, sources in the FIA said, is accused of trafficking more than 25 children to the US and illegally getting the children adopted in the country. 

The FIA sources said that the allegations of smuggling 17 children to the US has come to the light, adding that an investigation into the matter has been initiated. 

The activist runs the Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International, a non-profitable trust "representing the oppressed and less privileged population", as per the organisation's website. 

According to the website, the trust has been working to procure social justice, for which the organisation has established a legal aid committee comprising professional local and foreign lawyers. 

It also says that the trust provides "legal services for child abuse, harassment, sexual assault, human trafficking, domestic violence, violation of human rights, workers compensation rights and other serious crimes".