Income tax calculator 2024-25: How much tax will be deducted from your salary?

There's zero tax on those whose earnings do not surpass Rs600,000

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A representational image of a table where coins and cubes with tax letters written on them are placed on the papers. — Pexels 

Finance Minister of Pakistan Senator Muhammad Aurangzeb presented the budget Wednesday in a tumultuous session of the National Assembly in which he also revealed the income tax measures for the earners.  

The session witnessed slogans and chantings from the opposition with the tearing of bill copies as the 60-year-old went on to present the budget for the fiscal year 2024-2025. 

During the speech, the new tax target was set to Rs12.97 trillion, a 38% high year-on-year basis, with an aim to secure a crucial bailout package from the International Monetary Fund.

"Despite the financial and political challenges during the past one year, the government’s progress on the economic front has been impressive," the first-time finance minister said in his remarks in NA.   

The treasury benches also approved the finance bill increasing taxes for high earners, including salaried and non-salaried people.

Income tax slabs 2024

NoTaxable incomeRate of tax
1Where taxable income does not exceed Rs600,000
2Where taxable income exceeds Rs600,000 but does not exceed Rs1,200,000
5% of the amount exceeding Rs600,000
3Where taxable income exceeds Rs1,200,000 but does not exceed Rs2,200,000  
Rs30,000+15% of the amount exceeding Rs1,200,000
4Where taxable income exceeds Rs2,200,000 but does not exceed Rs3,200,000
Rs180,000+25% of the amount exceeding Rs2,200,000
5Where taxable income exceeds Rs3,200,000 but does not exceed Rs4,100,000
Rs430,000+30% of the amount exceeding Rs3,200,000
6Where taxable income exceeds Rs4,100,0000
Rs700,000+35% of the amount exceeding Rs4,100,000