Dakota Johnson's dress strap breaks on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Dakota Johnson's fans are convinced that she can do it with wardrobe malfunction

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Dakota Johson was promoting her new film Daddio when her outfit malfunctioned  mid-interview

Dakota Johnson narrowly avoided malfunction in a recent interview.

Dakota, 34, was promoting her new film Daddio when one of her straps broke mid-interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Fifty Shades of Grey star had to hold up her Bottega Veneta dress together throughout the awkward wardrobe mishap.

The show shared the clip on YouTube on Thursday that captured the moment as the Madame Web actor simply laughed off and tried to go on with the interview without any help offered.

While she did gracefully handle the wardrobe malfunction, fans criticised the production team as well as the designer for a poor job.

"It’s a pre-recorded show. Just let the lady get the wardrobe sorted so she can focus on the interview!" one fan wrote in the comments.

A second user wrote, "I can't believe nobody came out to help her!! The whole time, Jimmy just keeps going, and none of the crew comes out!"

"Dakota did a really good job managing the outfit malfunction. Her stylist on the other hand needs to do a better job of choosing outfits that do not fall apart," another commented.