TikTok takes action against 20 million videos in Pakistan: report

Platform removes 166,997,307 videos globally, takes robust action against spam accounts and related content

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The logo of video-sharing site TikTok is seen on screen with dark background. — AFP/File
The logo of video-sharing site TikTok is seen on screen with dark background. — AFP/File
  • TikTok removes over 166 million videos globally.
  • It also filtered, removed 976,479,946 comments.
  • Around 21,639,414 accounts deleted to protect young users.

Popular video-sharing platform TikTok on Monday issued its Community Guidelines Enforcement Report for the first quarter of the ongoing year, revealing that the company took action against more than 20 million videos.

During the January-March period of 2024, the platform took action against 20,207,878 videos in Pakistan for breaching its Community Guidelines.

TikTok's community guidelines are enforced uniformly across all content and users and meticulously crafted to ensure a safe, inclusive, and authentic environment for its users.

The platform uses advanced technology and human oversight to identify, and review the content uploaded on it and subject it to due action that violates its guidelines.

Furthermore, the report revealed that TikTok removed 166,997,307 videos globally which amounts to 0.9% of the total videos uploaded on the platform.

A substantial portion of these, 129,335,793 videos, were identified and removed through automated detection technologies, while 6,042,287 videos were reinstated upon further review, it adds.

Additionally, 976,479,946 comments were removed and filtered using comment safety tools during this three-month period.

In an effort to protect young users, it also deleted 21,639,414 accounts suspected of belonging to individuals under the age of 13.

Moreover, the company also implemented robust measures to prevent the proliferation of automated spam accounts.

"This release highlights TikTok's unwavering commitment to transparency, safety, and inclusivity, reflecting its dedication to building trust and ensuring a safe platform for its global community," the company said in a statement.

It also stressed that the periodic publication of the Community Guidelines Enforcement Report offers insights into the scale and nature of content and account actions.

The platform further said that it will continue to provide a summary of the Covert Influence Operations (CIO) networks removed, while detailed information on individual operations disrupted is available in a new standalone report.