Vehicle carrying Daily Jang newspapers torched in Karachi


KARACHI: A vehicle carrying copies of the Daily Jang newspaper was set on fire in the Hassan Square area of the city. The driver of the vehicle remained unharmed in the attack.

The vehicle carrying over 4,000 copies of the Daily Jang was attacked when the driver reached the paper depot and was asked by two men on a motorcycle which newspapers he was carrying. When the driver responded that they were copies of the Daily Jang the attackers doused the van with chemicals and set it on fire.

Eyewitnesses told Geo News that the attackers waited for awhile and then fled without any difficulty.

A case has been registered in the Aziz Bhatti police station and statements of the driver and eyewitnesses have been recorded.

The attack in Karachi is another example of vans carrying copies of Jang Group publications being targeted across the country. Similar attacks have also taken place in Rawalpindi and Lahore.