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Mehdi Hassan biography

Mehdi Hassan biography

KARACHI: Mehdi hasan was born in a small village Luna in Rajasthan India 1927 to a renowned singer of that time, Ustad Azeem Khan.

The family migrated to Pakistan after partition and was hit by financial crisis on their arrival.

Mehdi hasan had to repair bicycles and work as a mechanic to make ends meet but all the hardships were unable to discourage his love of music.

Mehdi Hassan got a chance to sing Ghazals and songs at Radio Pakistan Karachi in 1952, where his uncle Ismael Khan who was established as a music director. He also got a chance to sing for some Karachi made movies but failed to make any progress.

In 1964 his ghazal for a film Farangi, “Golon mein rand bharay” gave him a major break and he never looked back after that. He gave playback to all the film heroes of the 60’s and 70’s.

He was acknowledged as the king of Gazals the world over after singing some of the most memorable Ghazals like “golon mein rang bhare” “daikh tu dil ke jan” and “ranjish hi sahi.

He was not only bestowed with all the highest civil awards in Pakistan but also received the Saigol Award in India in 1979 and the Gorkha Dakhshin Baho Award in Nepal in 1983.

Mehdi Hassan stopped singing in the late 80s due to illness but his world famous Ghazals and evergreen film songs make him immortal in the world of music.

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