India slammed in Geneva for persecuting Muslims, Christians, Dalits, Sikhs

October 14, 2020

Massive posters campaign outside UNHRC headquarters in Geneva exposes RSS-led terror wave in India

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Posters displayed outside the United Nations Human Rights Council headquarters, in Geneva, Switzerland. — Photos provided by author

LONDON/GENEVA: A coalition of India-occupied communities ran a massive campaign in Geneva at the 45th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC), describing India as an epicentre of terrorism and rights violations.

The coalition, consisting of Kashmiris, Sikhs, Dalits, Christians, women and lower caste Hindus, protested through a massive banner campaign right outside the UNHRC headquarters, condemning the RSS-BJP led extremist Hindutva government.

Hundreds of posters were displayed in the area near the iconic Broken Chair to slam India and to make international delegates aware about the true face of India.

Although the scale of the event in Geneva this year was smaller than usual due to COVID-19 restrictions, delegates attended various sessions from across the world. Those who attended were able to see the campaign that exposed how India has consistently persecuted its ethnic and religious minorities, including Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians, as well as occupied communities like Kashmiris.

The Indian mission's representative in Geneva failed to attend several events fearing questioning from campaigners.

The visual campaign was focused at targeting extremist Hindutva groups such as RSS and BJP and how they have taken over the whole of India to establish a harsh Hindutva rule at the cost of millions of others.

The posters targeting RSS read: "RSS Hindutva, minorities cannot breathe; RSS Hindutva crushing minorities in India; stop Hindutva extremism"

Several posters called on the United Nations to take notice of the on-going genocide of minorities in various parts of India. The posters read: “Indian army stop NAGA genocide; India bleeds Manipur; no Indian colonisation in Kashmir; Kashmir is bleeding under India; Indian army stop mass killings in Nagaland; Indian army stop torture in Mizoram; Assam under Indian enslavement; India stop using rape as a tool against the weak; women in India are treated as slaves.”

Dozens of posters were also displayed to highlight the plight of Dalits. The posters said: “Save India Dalits; India stop prostitution; continuous inhuman treatment of Dalits is a curse; lower castes are also humans, have mercy on them; Indian minorities also need clean drinking water and facilities.”

The issue of India-occupied Kashmir and the end of Kashmir’s special status through brute force was especially highlighted by the campaigners.

“Kashmir will resist and Kashmir will exist; UN Kashmir calling, stand with Kashmir; Kashmiris demand implementation of UN resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir; solidarity breaks chains, stand with Kashmir; UN - why cries of women and children in Indian occupied Kashmir are unheard; stop genocide of Kashmiris; India stop state terrorism on Dalits; Indian Dalits? Less than humans,” read posters.

A huge picture banner on display read: “Hindutva fanatics shaved off the head of a Nepalese citizen and forced him to chant Jai Shri Ram.”

Dozens of campaigners who managed the campaign told the international delegates, diplomats and visitors that it was important to reveal the reality of India to the world because India attempts to project itself as a decent country on the world stage but commits war acts at home against its own people and in occupied territories.

The campaigners asked the United Nations and the international community to end their silence and hold India accountable.

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