Mostly landowners, educated persons have made it to NA

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February 25, 2024

16 of the NA members are lawyers, seven doctors, four engineers, four Islamic scholars

The National Assembly session on October 4, 2023 in Islamabad. —INP

ISLAMABAD: Geo-Election Cell has dug out data regarding the newly-elected members of the lower house which reveals that mostly agriculture land owners and educated persons have made it to the National Assembly, however age-wise legislators up to 35 years are below 4%.

The data collected by the election cell includes financial means, education and ages of the 265 new members of the National Assembly.

As per the information obtained by the Geo team, agriculture sector is the livelihood of most of these MNAs, as 112 MNAs are landowners and 83 have a personal business, while the main business of 20 members is only politics.

According to the statistics, 16 of the NA members are lawyers, seven are doctors, four engineers, four Islamic scholars, three custodian of shrines, three from the teaching field and 13 others are associated with different profession.

The bulk of recently elected MNAs have graduate degrees and master's degrees in terms of education. Of the 265 members, 112 newly elected MNAs, or 42%, are graduates, while 63 members hold master's degrees. 42 of the recently elected MNAs hold LLB degrees, three hold LLM degrees, 10 hold MBBS degrees, three hold engineering degrees, four hold PhD degrees, and two hold MPhil degrees.

There are 12 intermediates: nine have completed their matriculation, one is a middle pass, and four have obtained other qualifications, such as diplomas.

The proportion of youth members among the newly-elected MNAs is less than 4%, but the proportion of middle-aged members is greater than 52%.

Only 10 of the 265 recently elected members are young, ranging in age from 26 to 35, while 93 members are between the ages of 46 and 55.

Based on the statistical data, 46 recently elected members fall between the age range of 36 and 45, 56 fall between the age range of 56 and 65, and 47 fall between the age range of 66 and 75. The age of 13 new members is 75 as well.


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