IHC quashes FIRs against Sophia Mirza

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February 29, 2024

Justice Arbab Muhammad Tahir of the high court invalidated the FIRs in 16-page judgment

Image collage showing actress and model Sophia Mirza (left) and Umar Farooq Zahoor. — Photos by author

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) nullified FIRs filed against actor Sophia Mirza by her ex-husband at the Secretariat Police station, Islamabad.

In the case of Khush Bakht Mirza (real name of Sophia Mirza) versus The State and Others, she sought the dismissal of the FIR lodged by her husband Umar Farooq Zahoor, at the Secretariat Police Station in Islamabad.

Justice Arbab Muhammad Tahir of the high court invalidated the FIRs in a 16-page judgment.

The judgment said that Zahoor is prohibited from lodging an FIR against the complainant to obstruct the legal proceedings already initiated against them.

The ruling determined that the Police Officer in charge at the Secretariat, Islamabad, did not possess the authority to register cases for probing FIRs No.36 & 40 of 2020 from P.S. CCC-FIA, Lahore. Hence, the registration of FIR No.465/2022 and 156/2023 at P.S. Secretariat, Islamabad, was declared unlawful.

The verdict held the In-charge Police Station Secretariat and the Investigation Officer responsible, mandating a formal inquiry to correct legal proceedings against the accused, Mirza.

It instructed the Inspector General of Police, ICT, to investigate any potential impersonation of Zahoor's involvement.

The judgment revealed that the FIRs were initiated following Zahoor's application, although investigations indicate his absence abroad during that time. The Inspector General of Police, Islamabad, is mandated to conduct a comprehensive investigation, covering false statements regarding Zahoor's whereabouts.

If Zahoor did indeed visit the station, the In charge Police Station will be held accountable for their failure to take action.

It said FIR No.156/2023, filed at the Police Station Secretariat in Islamabad, blatantly ignored legal principles established by the Supreme Court in the Sughran Bibi case. This FIR duplicated accusations already made in FIR No.465/2022, resulting in itscancellation.

During the petition, FIR No.465/2022 at Police Station Secretariat, Islamabad, was canceled to transfer the case to FIA. However, FIA closed its proceedings due to "non-pursuance" by Umar Farooq Zahoor.

Since the FIR's registration was deemed unlawful, FIR No.465/2022 was nullified for being registered without jurisdiction by the In charge Police Station, Secretariat, Islamabad.

The judgment stated that the In charge Police Officer at the Secretariat in Islamabad lacked the authority or jurisdiction to register a criminal case to investigate the contents of FIRs No.36 & 40 of 2020, which were registered at P.S. CCC-FIA in Lahore.

Consequently, the registration of FIR No.465/2022 and 156/2023 at the Secretariat in Islamabad is deemed unlawful.


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