Friday Dec 16, 2016

“I wanted to be at his wedding, now I visit his grave,” APS martyr's grandfather

PESHAWAR: On this day two years ago, Abdul Wahid Qadri lost his maternal grandson Huzaifa Aftab in the horrific Army Public School tragedy.

The grandfather said he remembers everything about his beloved Huzaifa – his wishes, and how he talked and smiled. “We tried to fulfill all of his wishes,” he said.

Consoling himself by saying it was destiny, he said that his greatest wish was to attend Huzaifa’s wedding ceremony. Instead, he now visits his grandson’s grave, cleans it, and covers it with flower petals.

When with friends, Qadri consoles himself by sharing his memories of Huzaifa. This is his way of dealing with the heartbreak.

Qadri said that Huzaifa was very kind and obedient. “He never bothered his family. As he grew up, he began to feel like an adult in the household, becoming more alert and responsible.”

The grief-struck Qadri stated that he makes peace with Huzaifa’s death by understanding that he was a martyr, and “martyrs never die,” he said.