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Thursday Jan 05, 2017
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Medical board constituted to examine allegedly tortured child maid

ISLAMABAD: A medical board has been constituted which will examine Tayyaba – the ten-year-old maid who was allegedly tortured while working at the residence of an Additional Sessions Judge in Islamabad.

Comprising doctors from PIMS hospital, the medical board will examine Tayaaba at 11 AM, following which a report will be presented in two days.    

The medical board was constituted on the orders of the district magistrate, and police have been directed to present the child.

The case of the alleged torture of the maid caught the media’s attention after she was recovered from the residence of Additional Sessions Judge Raja Khurram Ali Khan.  

The minor girl, whose face and hands bore torture marks, had initially denied being hurt by her employers. She told the police that she got a wound to her eye after falling from the stairs, while her hand was also burnt accidentally.

However, the poor girl narrated her ordeal after being politely inquired by a female magistrate later. She stated before the magistrate that she was beaten and her hand burnt on the stove for losing the broom.

On Tuesday, the matter was settled out of court and according to the child’s father, they had forgiven the actions in the way of the Almighty.

This led to Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Saqib Nisar taking suo moto notice of the case and summoning Tayyaba’s parents along with police officials.

Petition submitted in SC

Social workers through Asma Jahngir have filed a petition in the Supreme Court pertaining to the case. The petition has made Additional Sessions Judge Raja Khurram and his wife respondents in the case.

Tayyaba’s father, Interior Ministry and Additional Judge Atta Rabbani have also been made respondents in the case.

According to the petition, the basic rights of the child were violated and calls for disciplinary action against the additional sessions judge.

Report submitted in SC

The Islamabad High Court has submitted the report pertaining to Tayyaba to the Supreme Court.  According to sources, the report contains details of the out of court settlement and police investigation.

The report also contains statements of the child and the Additional Sessions Judge.

Tayyaba’s whereabouts

The mobile data of Tayyaba’s father’s phone obtained by Geo News showed it was shut at 4:40 AM Thursday morning with its last location in Islamabad.

The paternal-aunt of Tayyaba has claimed that the ten-year-old maid who was allegedly tortured while being employed at the residence of a judge in Islamabad was taken to Karachi by her family.

Speaking to Geo News, the aunt revealed that Tayyaba was taken to Karachi by her parent’s on Wednesday. She added that Tayyaba’s paternal grandmother and another aunt live in the metropolitan city.

Earlier, it was reported that Tayyaba and her parents were not present at their Faisalabad residence. They were discovered missing when the Child Protection Bureau arrived at the residence to the take the child into their custody.


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