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Tuesday Mar 21, 2017

Dreaming big: How a boy turned his passion into reality

It is often said that dreamers live in a world of their own – a territory that seldom merges with reality. But who said this has to be the case always?

This is a story about a 14-year-old boy who created a world of his own when the channel Geo TV was launched in the year 2002. Unperturbed and undisrupted by reality, the boy began dreaming of becoming a news anchor for the channel one day.

There was no going back since then. Each day and each night, he would watch anchors introducing themselves on Geo News and bringing news from the world to the TV screens of their audience. The boy watched in awe every time the news bulletins flashed on his screen, as the anchors, in their poised and professional demeanour, delivered their duties so efficiently and gracefully.

The boy, who lived in Saudi Arabia at that time, dreamed of sitting in the studios of this Pakistani news channel every second of his life. Anchoring became his passion, his dream.

His school friends and peers started calling him the ‘GEO BOY' as they found him gesturing and reiterating the famous statement ''..aur ye hai Geo News'' whenever they saw him.

Some would encourage the boy and motivate him to pursue his dream; many others would simply laugh it away. What no one realised at that time, however, was that this boy would not rest until he turned his dream into the biggest reality of his life.

Days turned into months and months transformed into years. The boy went on to pursue a Master's degree in Film and Television, despite his ACCA background. He realised sooner than later that numbers weren’t where his passion resided.  

Today, he is living his dreams. He walks into the studios of Geo News every day and says ‘Assalam o Alaikum! Geo News k sath mai hun Mubashir Hashmi’ to the millions of viewers in Pakistan and around the world.  

This is my story. A story of hard work, perseverance and – most importantly – dreams. To everyone out there daring to dream big, keep dreaming big and never give up on your passion. You can make it happen!

Mubashir Hashmi is an anchor at Geo News and tweets @Mubashir_Hashmi

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