Protestors in London call on Theresa May to resign

Protest march marked the second day of protests over the possibility of a new Conservative administration.

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LONDON: Hundreds of protestors marched outside 10 Downing Street on Saturday calling on Prime Minister Theresa May to resign as she struggled to reassert her authority following a crushing electoral setback 

The protest began from outside the House of Commons and moved towards Downing Street and Trafalgar Square as hundreds of protestors chanted slogans and asked the British premier to resign over her attempts to seek a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

The protest was led by students and trade unionists who chanted slogans in favour of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has stunned the British political establishment with impressive election results.

Students were also joined by teachers and nurses who hailed the rise in voting share for the Labour party.

The protest march marked the second day of protests over the possibility of a new Conservative administration, under Theresa May, trying to forge a majority government with the DUP.

Protests have been held in many towns after the Conservatives failed to secure a majority in the House of Commons while still remaining the single largest party.

Speaking to Geo News, protestors said that Jeremy Corbyn has changed the way politics is done in Britain.

They said Corbyn was attacked for two years by the media, but tens of thousands of youth voted for him as he offers genuine change.

The protesters added that the Labour party leader is an honest and straight talking politician who should form the next government with progressive parties.

Demonstrators carrying placards reading anti-DUP and pro-Jeremy Corbyn messages said they will resist the policies of the Tory government and called on the PM to understand why she failed to secure a landslide majority in the election.