Sunday, August 27, 2017

Pakistan shouldn't be blamed for US failure in Afghanistan: Khawaja Asif

'Pakistan has cut many losses due to its 70-year long alliance with the US,' the foreign minister said


SIALKOT: Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Sunday said the US should refrain from blaming its failures of 16 years in Afghanistan on Pakistan.

Talking exclusively to Geo News in Sialkot, Asif said forty percent of Afghanistan is still under Taliban's control.

"If the US doesn't trust Pakistan, it should make preparations to send Afghan refugees back," he said. "Pakistan has hosted them [Afghan refugees] for nearly 35 years now."

He further said that Pakistan has been the US' trusted ally for the past 70 years, and cut many direct and indirect losses due to this alliance.

"We want to clear any misunderstandings with the US through maintaining this relationship," Asif said.

The foreign minister stressed that peace in Afghanistan can be restored.

"Peace in Afghanistan is important for Pakistan too, and that is why the US is trying to find a solution to the Afghan issue," he said.

Asif said that over ninety percent of the attacks on Pakistan are carried out from Afghanistan.

"Afghanistan hasn't created a post on the border till 650 kilometres," he said. "We want US assistance in installing fences on the border."

He further alleged that Afghan soldiers are selling American arms and ammunition to the Taliban.