Wednesday Sep 27 2017

New Karachi garment factory fire doused after three hours


KARACHI: A fire broke out in a garment factory near New Karachi, late on Tuesday night.

According to details, fire that started on the ground floor engulfed the entire factory building.

Eight fire tenders along with two water bowsers were deployed to help extinguish the fire.

According to Chief Fire Officer, the fire has been contained and the fire department is now busy with the cooling operation.

This is the third fire that broke out in the span of two consecutive days.

Fire at cardboard factory in North Karachi

Earlier this week, it took over eleven hours for firefighters to extinguish a fire that engulfed a cardboard factory in North Karachi during the wee hours of Monday.

Exceeding ten hours, firefighters were still unable to douse the fire that erupted near Shafeeq Morh area of North Karachi.

Up to nine fire tenders were deployed on the site, along with two snorkels and two water bowsers, in efforts to gain control and stop the fire from spreading further.

According to Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar, who was present on location, firefighters faced extreme difficulty due to the unavailability of proper equipment.

The Mayor complained about lack of resources at the disposal of the fire department to efficiently deal with such incidents.

Fire at Boat Basin

Earlier the same day, another fire erupted at a restaurant situated on the ground floor of a commercial building in Karachi’s Boat Basin area.

Five fire brigade vehicles and one snorkel were used to extinguish the fire at the building's first floor after having doused the flames at the ground floor.

The windows of the commercial building, spread over three floors, shattered due to the intensity of the fire.

Sources said short-circuiting could be behind the fire.

Rescue officials said the gas cylinders and plastic furniture of the restaurant aided the spread of the fire.

No loss of life or injuries were reported in the incident.

Once the fire was completely extinguished, fire brigade officials said eight vehicles were used to douse the blaze.