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Friday Oct 13 2017

Karachi woman not attacked by knife attacker, says police

KARACHI: Police said on Friday that the woman who was reportedly attacked by the knife attacker in the metropolis was infact injured in a traffic accident. 

However, a hospital report said the wound, a centimeter deep and just as much wide, was made by a sharp object. 

Hospital sources also said the incident did not appear to be an accident because there were no other injuries on the woman's body apart from the cut.

Initially, after the incident, it was assumed that the woman was attacked by the knife attacker and he had enlarged his area of activity. 

The woman, domestic help by profession, was taken to the hospital by her employers who also registered a complaint with the police. 

The initial police report said the injury suffered by the woman was not inflicted by a sharp object. 

Police also recorded the woman's statement in a private hospital where she received medical aid. 

Since September 25, at least 16 attacks by a knife attacker, riding a motorcycle, have occurred in the city's eastern district. 

The suspect, who has posed quite a challenge to the authorities, remains at large, evading arrest and baffling authorities after a fresh spate of knife attacks on women, concentrated mainly in Gulistan-e-Jauhar and Gulshan-e-Iqbal areas.


    Mr. Johns commented 9 months ago

    Police is actually saying that citizens are self inflicting and unnecessarily bothering Police. Way to go Police department, do we really need them?

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