Tuesday, October 31, 2017

KP govt urged to retrieve 3,147 artefacts from other provinces

About 1,118 antiquities from KP have been displayed at National Museum of Pakistan in Karachi

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Directorate of Archaeology and Museums has written a letter to the provincial government urging it to retrieve its 3,147 antiquities, which have been preserved in museums in other provinces.

The letter stated that the antiquities were taken from “Swat Museum, SRO, Peshawar and collected through excavations and explorations in different parts of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.”

It also mentioned that the antiquities “were shifted to various museums in Pakistan before devolution of Federal Archeological Department” and the implementation of the 18th Amendment.

The directorate also provided a breakdown of the number of antiquities and where they have been preserved. 

 S.No Museums/Reserves No. of Antiquities 
 1 National Museum of Pakistan, Karachi 1,118
 2 Exploration and Excavation Research Karachi 205
 3 Taxila Museum 1,666
 4 Islamabad Museum 158
  Total 3,147
Courtesy: Directorate of Archaeology and Museums

It is claimed that the antiquities, including pottery and statues, belong to Gandhara civilisation.

The artefacts were shifted to different institutions “from time to time for study purposes,” the letter stated.

The letter added that the Department of Archeology in Islamabad should be approached to provide the record of these antiquities “for the safe shifting to the province.”