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Friday Jan 12 2018

Father of missing Kasur girl alleges non-cooperation by police


KASUR: Father of yet another missing girl in Kasur on Friday alleged that police did not cooperate with them in finding their daughter, who was allegedly abducted two months ago.

The incident was the 14th case in the series of kidnappings, which has wracked the small city of Punjab.

Nadia Ansari, has been missing since two months from Kasur’s Phool Nagar, while her parents are still striving to have their daughter recovered.

While speaking to Geo News, Younas Ansari said that for the registration of a case he went to the police station several times.

Ansari, who is a labourer by profession, said he even informed about a suspected kidnapper but his voice was unheard.

The family is still awaiting police action to trace their daughter and have her returned to safety.

In August 2015, the country's biggest child abuse scandal was unearthed in Ganda Singh Wala area of Kasur, where around 400 videos were made of 280 victims of abuse by a gang of over 25 criminals.

The recent rape and murder of seven-year-old Zainab led to national outrage and violent protests by citizens in Kasur in which two demonstrators were killed.

Police said on Friday that DNA tests results have confirmed that the same culprit carried out the horrific rapes and murders of eight children in Kasur, including seven-year-old Zainab Amin.

"One thing that is very clear [from DNA tests] is that in seven previous cases, and this is the eighth case, in which the same culprit carried out these horrific crimes," Inspector-General of Punjab police (IGP) Arif Nawaz Khan told Geo News.

He said that police has not been able to match that DNA to any of the suspects interrogated so far.

"We investigated almost 227 people, of which we narrowed down 67 suspects and carried out their DNA tests. But none of these results match those of the culprit," said the provincial police chief. 

The provincial police chief's statement confirms those of Punjab government spokesperson, Malik Ahmad Khan, who earlier today said that the suspect in the Zainab murder case is a serial killer who kidnaps and kills young girls.


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