Friday, February 09, 2018

Inspection team formed after hidden camera found in Faisalabad clothing store

Two employees have been arrested, while the owner and another employee remain at large

FAISALABAD: An inspection team has been formed after the discovery of a hidden camera inside the ladies changing room at a clothing store.

A four-member team formed by the deputy commissioner will inspect stores located in different shopping centres of the city for suspicious activity.

On Wednesday, a man had filed a complaint with the police stating that he visited the store of a popular clothing brand in People’s Colony. His sister went into the fitting room of this store and found a camera hidden in a box. 

According to police, videos of customers were being recorded with a mobile phone camera by employees. Police added that the efforts were being made to recover the deleted data from the mobile phone.

"There should be strict punishment so that an incident like this is not repeated," said a concerned resident. 

Four people including the owner of the store were nominated in the case. Police arrested two store employees, while the owner and another employee remained at large till this report was filed. 

Checking for hidden cameras 

Look around carefully

Once you enter the fitting room of any clothing store, scan around with your eyes to spot any hidden camera inside the room.

Look closely at the mirror(s) around you. You might even see through a two-way mirror. Press your face against the glass and cup your eyes with your hands to block all light. A see-through mirror is made in a way that allows some light to pass through it, and so if you look closely you might see the room beyond.

The finger test

Touch the mirror with your finger. If it is a real mirror, there will be some space between the refection of your finger and your actual finger. If, however, your finger and its reflection touch at a point, get alert: it may not be a real mirror but a two-way mirror.

The phone test

Once inside the fitting room, switch on Wi-Fi on your mobile phone. If your internet doesn’t work properly, there may be a camera in the room as it blocks the receptions of your phone.

Another way to check for a camera is to make a call with your phone. If the call doesn’t go through or the signals are really bad, it is possible that there is a camera hidden somewhere.