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Thursday Feb 15 2018
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Karachi, Hyderabad vendors demand increase in price of milk

Protest in Bhens Colony, Karachi. Photo: Geo News screen grab

KARACHI/HYDERABAD: Vendors and farmers protested Thursday, demanding increase in the price of milk.

While demonstrating in Bhens Colony area of Karachi, the protesters demanded the price of milk be increased in line with inflation. They said proper rates should be fixed and wanted a notification be issued for confirmation.

The protesters, members of Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association who had also taken their animals to the protest, pelted stones at the police while the latter baton-charged them.

Subsequently, the protesters dispersed leaving their animals behind.

Traffic on National Highway was suspended due to the protest, the like of which was also carried out in Hyderabad.

The milk vendors and farmers wanted the prices increased as the Supreme Court has banned the use of hormones injection to enhance cow milk production.  

On January 6, Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar prohibited dairy farmers from injecting hormones in cows and buffaloes to increase milk production.

While hearing a suo motu case in the Supreme Court Lahore registry, the chief justice said injections given to cows and buffaloes lead to diseases like cancer in children and adults consuming the milk.

He also branded packaged milk unfit for consumption saying formalin, a food preservative, is present inside all packaged milk, which is extremely dangerous for human health. 


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