Friday Mar 16 2018

Treason case: Court asks federal govt to take measures for Musharraf's arrest


ISLAMABAD: The special court hearing the treason case against former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf ordered the federal government on Friday to put special measures in place to bring the ex-military ruler back from the United Arab Emirates.

The three-member special court issued a written order in the hearing today.

Peshawar High Court Chief Justice Yahya Afridi is heading the bench which includes Lahore High Court Chief Justice Yawar Ali and Balochistan High Court Justice Tahira Safdar.

The special court ordered that the interior ministry should take action for the arrest of the former military ruler through the Interpol.

The court also ruled that the federal government should take measures for the confiscation of assets of Musharraf.

The special court asked the interior ministry to also take action to revoke National Identity Card and passport of the former military ruler. 

The former president’s advocate in his arguments said that an application was sent to the defence ministry for the security of Musharraf upon return.

In the previous hearing on March 8, the court ordered the confiscation of the ex-army chief's properties.

The bench, formed in 2013, is hearing the case of imposition of extra-constitutional emergency by Musharraf in November 2007. 

Federal Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal said that he has stopped government institutions from taking action against the former president upon the orders of the special court.

He said that Musharraf’s lawyer has assured that the former president would appear before the court.

The federal minister expressed hope that the former military ruler would appear before the court similar to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, who is facing cases against him in the accountability court. 

Treason case appearance: Musharraf requests security upon return

Musharraf, through his counsel, requested for foolproof security upon return to Pakistan in relation to his appearance before the court.

Musharraf’s counsel forwarded a petition to the defence ministry upon the orders of the special court constituted to try Musharraf for treason.

The former president’s counsel forwarded the request to the defence ministry.

In the petition, it was stated that the former president faced security threats.