Govt aided progress, fought war on terrorism, Ayaz Sadiq at Pak Day event in London

The incumbent government 'has passed 130 bills' and 'helped provincial leadership progress' ahead, Sadiq noted

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LONDON: The country has taken a long time to come where it is today, Ayaz Sadiq, the speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan, said Friday, while addressing a Pakistan Resolution Day event here in the city, adding that the present leadership is "trying to strengthen the Parliament".

With Mark Field — a member of the UK Parliament and Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific — representing the British government, the March 23 event comprised a speech by Sadiq, wherein he talked about the nation's current situation and future prospects.

The incumbent government "has passed 130 bills" and "helped provincial leadership progress" ahead, Sadiq noted.

The speaker commented on how the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) plans, worth $62 billion, will help the country enter a new era of economic activity and development.

"We shall achieve a target of six percent GDP (gross domestic product) this year," he said.

Further, Sadiq stated that Pakistan's current leadership has fought in and won the war against terrorism. He also noted that people of Kashmir cannot be forgotten on this special day.

"We cannot forget Kashmiris on this day," he said.