Nine-year-old TB patient dies after Bahawalpur hospital technician punches her

Sonia's father says X-ray technician asked her to stand straight but she couldn't so he punched her

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A screengrab of the private hospital.

A nine-year-old girl suffering from Tuberculosis in Bahawalpur died after an X-ray technician at a private hospital reportedly 'punched' her.

In his initial statement to the police, Sonia’s father, Bashir, said he took her to a private hospital in the area for an X-ray a few days ago.

“The X-ray technician asked her to stand straight but she was unable to due to her illness following which the technician punched Sonia and me,” the father said.

Sonia fell to her death following the incident.

As Sonia’s family protested against the incident at the hospital, police officials and the assistant commissioner got involved.

However, a compromise was reached between the nine-year-old’s family and the hospital staff and an agreement was also signed. 

Following this, a police case was not registered and Sonia was buried in her hometown.