Sunday Apr 01 2018

Snow-clogged roads being cleared in Kaghan

MANSEHRA: The National Highway Authority (NHA) has started working towards the clearance of snow on roads in Kaghan and Naran.

With summer fast approaching, the authorities have started clearing the thoroughfare for the upcoming tourist season, with an estimate given that the roads will be opened within 10 days.

According to NHA representatives, there are six big and small glaciers between Kaghan and Naran while 13 of them are between Naran and Getidas that are being cleared. 

The glaciers are said to be 80 feet tall and 300 feet wide.

Roads leading from Naran to Babusaur will be completely clear by May 15, after which residents of Gilgit-Baltistan will also be able to use this shortcut to travel to their destinations, NHA officials said. 

The aforementioned roads were closed for traffic in December last year due to heavy snowfall. 

In recent years, the northern areas of Pakistan have seen a huge turnout during the summer season as people flock from the cities to spend vacations there.  

Last year, heavy snowfall and rainfall in parts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Galyat stranded at least 800 vehicles and hundreds of citizens.

Electricity supply and mobile communication were also disrupted due to the bad weather conditions with people losing contact with their relatives as there was no electricity in the area for them to charge their mobile phones and other devices. There was also a shortage of food and water supplies.