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Thursday May 10 2018

Ahead of Ramazan, chicken prices sky high in Lahore

Photo: Geo News

LAHORE: With Ramazan around the corner, food prices, especially those of fruits and vegetables, are expected to hit sky high, however, this time around it’s the price of chicken that has soared ahead of the month of fasting.

According to reports, the price of poultry has seen an increase of Rs50 to Rs60 in just a week’s time in Lahore.

Chicken, which was initially being sold at a price of Rs210 to Rs220, increased to Rs277 and Rs300, causing consumers go into a frenzy over the price hike. 

The consumers have questioned authorities over the high prices before the holy month and wonder what the price will be like during Ramazan. 

Moreover, there has been no check and balance from the administration over the sudden rise of prices.

According to shopkeepers, they are selling the meat at high prices because they are getting it at high rates from vendors.