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Sunday Jun 17 2018

Unidentified persons kill UC chairperson in Sahiwal

Photo: File 

SAHIWAL: A man was killed when unidentified persons barged into his house and opened fire at him Saturday night.

The killed person, Jahangir, was the vice chairperson of a union council and a resident of 56/5 L village in Sahiwal.

Police quoted Jahangir’s wife as saying that her husband was sleeping in the house when five people, who identities could not be ascertained, broke into the house and started firing indiscriminately.

Subsequently, Jahangir died on the spot while the culprits manage to flee the site.

Police filed the case and started investigating into the incident.

In May 2017, the chairperson of a union council in Sahiwal was shot dead by unidentified persons.

According to reports, the chairperson, Mahar Younis Sanpal, was with his family in Shadman Town for shopping when he was fired at. Police had said the initial investigation suggested the incident was a result of personal enmity.

Sanpal was a leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. His killing had sparked protests in Mall Mandi, Dulla Bhatti Chowk and High Street by his family and supporters.

The protesters broke car windowpanes, damaged public and private property and chanted slogans against the police following Sanpal’s killing.

It was said that Sanpal was facing life threat from his rivals and his family had informed the police but they failed to provide him security.