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Friday Aug 17 2018

Bilawal expresses hope Imran will refrain from politics of hatred as PM


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party chairperson Bilawal Bhutto in his maiden speech in the National Assembly on Friday expressed hope that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan would refrain from doing politics of hatred in the capacity of prime minister of the country.

The PPP chairman addressed the House after Imran Khan was elected as the 22nd prime minister of Pakistan.

Bilawal Bhutto shared that he was anticipating how the newly-elected premier would implement his 100-day plan.

"People are looking at Imran Khan to resolve the issues of the country. Imran is not a party chairman anymore he is the leader of Pakistan now," said Bilawal.

“I want to remind Imran that he isn’t the prime minister of just one party. He is the prime minister of the entire country. Imran is also the PM of those whom he called living corpses, donkeys, goats and sheep,” he added. 

The PPP chairman, at the beginning of his speech, also paid tribute to the martyrs who laid their lives in the attacks during the time of General Election 2018.

He said that an investigation should be carried out of the attacks in Peshawar, Mastung and Quetta, which caused heavy damage in terms of human lives. 

Bilawal further said that a strong policy against terrorism is the need of the hour for Pakistan,

While expressing his disdain over the disorder in the House, he said that protest is the right of any political party, however, it was unacceptable the way it was done in the session today.

He also expressed hope that the new NA Speaker Asad Qaiser will keep the House in order.

The PPP scion claimed that rigging took place before and after the elections, adding that across Pakistan polling agents were expelled from the polling stations.

“We are a part of the parliament to support the democratic process. This doesn’t mean that we will ignore the discrepancies in the election,” he remarked, demanding a probe into rigging allegations.