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Monday Nov 05 2018

Rs3 million pension disappears from retired scientist’s bank account


ISLAMABAD: A retired scientist was left searching for answers when he discovered he had lost his life’s savings in a suspected fraud transaction within a span of 17 hours.

Dr Yousuf Khilji, a retired scientist living off his pension and gratuity funds, had Rs3 million mysteriously taken out from his bank account. The suspected transactions were carried out on October 25 and 26, within a span of 17 hours.

Who took out the money and how? The doctor has no answers. He said he had notified the bank authorities and the Federal Investigation Agency after finding out his savings were missing, but to no avail.

As his last resort, Dr Khilji approached the Supreme Court of Pakistan and has appealed to Chief Justice Saqib Nisar to help him recover his funds.

The incident comes in the wake of the State Bank’s instructions late last month regarding bank cards after a cyber-attack on Bank Islami Pakistan.

According to SBP, the use of the bank's cards had been temporarily suspended for overseas transactions following a security breach. The announcement led to six other Pakistani banks suspending international transactions through debit cards.