Indian media’s another lie debunked about Pakistani pilot

Pictures show serving PAF pilot as martyred

India has more fake news than anywhere else in the world, says Microsoft survey/ screen grab/file

Indian media’s mad rush to come up with fallacious stories has been exposed further as a false story about a Pakistan Air Force pilot was debunked.

An Indian news channel, made a false claim that in a so-called ‘F-16 crash’ a PAF pilot ‘Shahzaz-ud-Din’ was martyred (is it even a real name, we wonder!).

In the same fictitious story, the channel ran the images of a serving PAF pilot Group Captain Agha Mehar, who is VERY MUCH ALIVE.

GC Agha Mehar spoke to senior Pakistani journalist Wajahat Saeed Khan and exposed the lie of the Indian media, complaining against his pictures running on Indian channels.

India has more fake news than anywhere else in the world: survey

It is interesting to note that a recent Microsoft survey report laid bare the suspicious credibility of the Indian media.

India has more fake news than anywhere else in the world, with more than 60 percent of Indians likely to encounter fake news, a survey conducted by Microsoft revealed.

The survey, which covered 22 countries, reported that 64 percent of Indians had encountered fake news, compared to the global average of 57 percent.

Internet hoaxes, in particular, have had murderous consequences in India. Last year, more than 40 people were reportedly lynched in India following rumours on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp brought in new rules in July to clamp down on group messages about alleged child abductors which whip up fear among citizens — resulting in random fatal attacks.

The app has more than 200 million users in the country. The new rules enforce a limit on the number of times messages can be forwarded to different people.