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Sunday Apr 21 2019

How PCB’s routine testing helped Shadab Khan detect a serious problem

PCB plans to send Shadab to UK to be treated by the best of experts/ file photo

KARACHI: An announcement by the Pakistan Cricket Board on Sunday about the withdrawal of Shadab Khan from the series against England came as surprise to many, as this was quite an unexpected development.

The PCB said that the wrist-spinner Shadab Khan was ruled out of the series against England after tests revealed a virus that will require treatment and rest for, at least, four weeks.

It came as a shock and surprise to many because Shadab, otherwise, looked completely fit. He also scored good numbers at the Yoyo tests conducted by the PCB earlier this week without showing any signs of fatigue — then what went wrong?

Reliable sources confirmed to that Shadab underwent blood tests with other teammates on 15th of this month as part of the PCB’s routine testing.

“The PCB has been conducting blood tests for players before every tour, usually to check their sugar level and other routine matters,” a source informed.

“Following the recent tests, a particular virus was detected in Shadab’s blood sample. He was sent for another test that confirmed the virus in his blood,” the source added.

This was how a routine process by the PCB helped Shadab Khan detect a problem at an early stage. A possible delay, otherwise, would have created problems.

According to the medical experts, early and accurate diagnosis of infectious disease was critically important because diagnosis could improve the effectiveness of treatments and avoid long-term complications for the infected patient. Undiagnosed patients can unknowingly transmit the disease to others, they further said.

Although is aware of the virus detected in blood samples of Shadab Khan, the details are withheld to respect the privacy.

The PCB is now planning to send him to United Kingdom to be treated by the best of experts.

“The Pakistan Cricket Board will now set-up Shadab’s appointment with specialists in England to help him fully recover before Pakistan’s ICC Men Cricket World Cup 2019 opener against the Windies on 31 May at Trent Bridge,” a PCB spokesman said.