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Wednesday Nov 06 2019
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WhatsApp's new update: Control who gets to add you in groups

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WhatsApp rolls out new feature enabling users to block selected contacts from adding to groups. — Photo. WhatsApp

WhatsApp group chats are irksome when users are added in them without consent.

The social media platform has finally addressed this problem by rolling out a new feature which assists users in refraining selected contacts from adding them.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp introduced a similar update but after user feedback it says that it had to give the users a more optimized option. 

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The new feature has added a third yet quite a helpful option and here is how you can access it:

• Open WhatsApp

• Go to Settings — Account — Privacy

• Select Groups

• Three options will appear

-Everyone (Everyone will be able to add you in a group without an invitation)

-My contacts except (You will be able to choose which contacts cannot add you in groups)

-My contacts (Only your contacts can add you to a group without an invitation)

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The new privacy setting is available to some users now but, will eventually roll out worldwide in the coming weeks. 

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