Friday Nov 22 2019
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Lahore men drag and kill young woman from home after father rang doorbell

LAHORE: Unidentified men shot dead a young woman after attacking her and her father at their doorstep here in the city's Gulberg area, police sources said Friday, confirming they have arrested at least one suspect after a first information report (FIR) over the murder was registered.

According to Lahore police, the two assailants dragged the 24-year-old woman from her home in Gulberg and shot her dead after dragging her to a nearby field.

Police said the assailants were on a motorcycle and sprang up suddenly from behind Riaz Hussain, her father, when the latter had rang the doorbell and she opened the door. The suspects also assaulted her father in the process, they added.

Sources in the Lahore police said they have asked the 24-year-old girl's father, Riaz Hussain, to be part of the investigation and that the suspect they detained was caught by tracking the deceased's call records. The last call that the late woman received was from the arrested man's number, the sources added.

The FIR, which was registered on behalf of the the 24-year-old girl's father, named at least two suspects and included murder clause.

Hussain, the father, told police that the assailants dragged his daughter to a nearby field where they opened fire and shot her dead. He tried to catch the suspects himself but failed to do so, he added, explaining that they started firing as they fled and took her jewellery as well.

Police, on the other hand, had earlier said they fetched details of the deceased woman's mobile phone as well as her call records and that they were questioning her relatives and multiple neighbours.

Police have also carried out geo-fencing in an attempt to nab the suspects.

The woman, who was the youngest of siblings, was reportedly to be married in three days. She was shot at least six times.