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Sunday Dec 15 2019

Police register FIR over inhumane torture of volleyball player in Faisalabad

FAISALABAD: A first information report (FIR) was registered over the inhumane torture of a volleyball player here in the city, a police spokesperson said Sunday, adding that they had received the request to file the case earlier in the day.

The FIR named at least four individuals, Faisalabad police inspector Amir Waheed noted, adding that they have identified the suspects and would soon arrest them.

Waheed mentioned that raids were being carried out to search for and nab the four suspects.

Earlier in the day, Farhan, the volleyball player, had submitted a request to file the case against four suspects who had violently assaulted him for allegedly playing for the opposing team. He was reportedly kidnapped and tortured while the suspects filmed the attack as well, police said.

Police also explained that the suspects forced Farhan's face into the ground, compelling him to rub his nose in the mud. They also insulted him after stripping him naked in the unforgiving cold, they added.

However, police stressed that the incident took place three weeks ago but that they were taking action now that the young man had filed a request for the FIR.