Five tech products that rocked the Consumer Electronics Show

From a vertical TV to automated trash cans, the CES has something for everyone

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Photo: AFP

The on-going Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas has made waves to the tech world with exciting innovations aimed to make the average consumer’s life productive and easy.

Here are the five prominent products featured at this year's event. 

1. Samsung’s vertical TV

Photo: AFP

The tech giant has launched a rotating TV aimed at Tik Tok users who prefer the vertical experience. The Samsung Sero was launched in Korea last year at a price of $1,600 but this time, it is set to target larger markets of the US, UK and Europe.

2. The Segway S-Pod

Photo: Segway 

Personal transport company Segway featured its chair-on-wheels, the S-Pod at the show. Designed for enclosed space such as malls or airports, the pod aims for users looking for an easy commute in large space. The egg-shaped automated wheelchair is set to launch later this year.

3. Bosch's Virtual Visor

Photo: Bosch 

German tech company Bosch has introduced many new products at the CES but techies seemed to be in awe of the Virtual Visor. Designed for drivers, the AI powered LCD screen looks to replace the traditional vehicle sun visor as the smart technology darkens a small part of the windshield which the driver is looking at. 

4. Motion pillow

Photo: Motion Pillow

The CES even has the noisy sleepers covered with the Motion Pillow. The smart pillow is designed to collect information of the sleeper regarding head position and breathing patterns and change the structure of the pillow to match the needs of the user. With the data, the system manipulates the built-in air bags which then influences the person’s airflow, providing a noiseless night of sleep.

5. The TOWNEW trash can

Described as a self-sealing, self-changing system, this automated trash does all the dirty work for you. The company TOWNEW, allows users to seal a full waste bag and replace it all with the touch of a button, all you have to do is throw it away.