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Friday Jan 10 2020

Karachi Eat 2020: Unique festival food to indulge in

Festival food is a quick and easy way to enjoy delicacies and fancy dishes in either bite-sized forms or on a stick. 

With every mouthful, one gets to try food items they wouldn't normally be able to as they're created exclusively for the event.

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As Karachiites make their way to Karachi Eat 2020, the biggest food festival in the city, here is a list of food items that they can enjoy without making a huge mess.

Sugar Drizzle Nutella Cookies – stall #21

The name speaks for itself when it comes to these yummy Nutella chocolate cookies. 

The melted chocolate makes is almost irresistible not to try out. A mixture of gooey, chunky, and crispy, these cookies are surely something not to miss out. 

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They're available at Sugar Drizzle at stall number 21.

Say hi to 'Pop Bars' — stall #49

Created specifically for Karachi Eat, Pop Bars have come up with what seems like a chocolate biscuit ice cream sandwich. 

This seems like a snack people of every age will enjoy. 

Some other items not to miss out at the festival:

'Lotus Drip' by #TheWaffleWitch — stall #61

Waffle on the Stick' by #DipADough — stall #95

'Stuffed Prawns' by #PortSide — stall #81

'Churro Pop' by #BrewFactory — stall #66

'Jolly Ranchers Flavoured Cotton Candy' by #SweetEscape — stall #30

'Smoked Briske Slider The OG Cheese Burger' by #SOL — stall #85

'Korean Shaved Icecream' by #Bingsu — stall #63

'The Red Chilli Tacos' by #SweetGreens — stall #65

'Skewered Barbequed Prawns' by#MamuSeaFoodGrill — stall #84

'Churro Hot Dog' by #Churrosity at #KhiEat20 - stall #24


Underrated but promising eateries at Karachi Eat 2020

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