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Tuesday Jan 14 2020

Nawaz Sharif suffering from severe cardiac disease, UK hospital reports show

Image from November 20, 2019 shows former Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif shortly before going for a medical checkup at a hospital in London, United Kingdom.—Geo News/File photo

LONDON: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is suffering from a severe cardiac disease, his latest medical report by the Royal Brompton Hospital shows.

The Royal Brompton Hospital has issued three reports: Rubidium Cardiac PET-CT scan on three pages; Holter Analysis on 16 pages; and Echocardiogram on three pages.

Separately, Dr David Lawrence has also issued a medical summary based on reports by the Royal Brompton and Guy's and St Thomas' hospitals.

The Royal Brompton reports say that Nawaz Sharif has significant areas of compromised perfusion (blood supply to heart) and there is element of impaired cardiac function as well. The reports say that the former Pakistani premier's heart is at risk of another heart attack or an adverse cardiac event.

Both the Royal Brompton and Dr David Lawrence have recommended urgent heart intervention which is important for Sharif's health and life. The reports further say that Nawaz Sharif cannot undergo the invasive procedure unless cleared by the haematologists, as his platelet counts are variable and unstable.

Dr David Lawrence writes in the summary: "The impression is of compromised heart blood supply and functionality particularly in the circumflex territory. I recommend that Mr Sharif undergo coronary angiography at the earliest as there is a significant part of his heart at risk. I would strongly recommend urgent coronary intervention. Failure to do this could compromise his myocardium, his cardiac health, and his wellbeing."

He adds: "The Guy's and St Thomas' haematology experts are managing his unstable platelet count to make him safe for an invasive procedure including lymph node biopsy. The significant carotid artery disease further makes the issue complex and is managed simultaneously on aggressive medical therapy pending an intervention."

Nawaz Sharif's personal physician Dr Adnan Khan speaks to media outside the Avenfield House

Nawaz Sharif's personal physician Dr Adnan Khan hit back on Tuesday at claims made by the PTI government officials. Speaking to Pakistani media outside the Avenfield House, he said that medical reports and investigations desired by the government were submitted early on Tuesday morning to Punjab Health Minister Prof Yasmin Rashid and other government officials.

"This is the latest medical summary of Mr Nawaz Sharif dated January 13-01-2020. It was surprising to see the ministers denying receiving any report although they were submitted earlier in the morning and the government officials confirmed being in receipt of the reports."

Dr Adnan Khan said that Prof Yasmin Rashid called him and asked for a fresh medical report which was provided duly.

"Mr Sharif has been recommended by the doctors to go out for short walks at least twice a day. He went out with his family on their insistence and as per medical advice but sadly the issue is being politicised."

Dr Adnan Khan explained that Nawaz Sharif's disease conditions are further confirmed and endorsed by UK doctors as similarly it was diagnosed initially by doctors appointed by the PTI government, recommending treatment abroad.

He said: "Nawaz Sharif's health issues are well documented and evidenced. Punjab government's special medical board recommended Mr Sharif's treatment abroad and the federal cabinet's sub-committee agreed with the opinion of the Punjab special medical board. There's no doubt that Mr Sharif is seriously unwell and needs treatment yet it's highly politicised. Mr Sharif's illness is of complex nature and requires multidimensional approach, unfortunately in such complicated cases no time frame can be given about the treatment."

Dr Adnan Khan reminded that Begum Kulsoom Nawaz's health matter was also politicised in a shameful manner while she was fighting cancer, which later proved fatal.

"Mr Sharif has suffered on many counts including the loss of his partner of about five decades and also continuous incarceration and solitary confinement, which has adversely effected his health."