Karachi traffic police gear up for crackdown; violators to be arrested starting Friday

Traffic police teams will be deployed at different locations in the metropolis between the rush hours of 3-6pm

Afzal Nadeem Dogar
Traffic police teams will be deployed at different locations between the hours of 3pm and 6pm. Photo: File

KARACHI: Karachi's traffic police have announced strict new measures to counter traffic offenses, especially the violation of one-way rules, which will be enforced starting Friday.

Traffic police teams have been told to take stringent action against traffic rules violations especially between the hours of 3pm and 6pm. 

Sources informed The News that traffic police officials will be assisted by local police stations where they are posted to ensure that the new rules are implemented.

Motorcyclists, car and rickshaw drivers and other vehicle drivers will be immediately arrested and booked for negligence under Section 279 if they violate one-way rules, an official said.

Speaking to The News, Karachi Police Chief Ghulam Nabi Memon said that at least 100 different locations had been identified where police will be on a stakeout for traffic rules violators. 

He said these locations were shortlisted on the basis of the frequency of one-way rule violations, which have resulted in tragic road accidents and deaths.

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The Karachi police chief acknowledged that many similar campaigns have been launched over the years with limited success, but promised that the upcoming one, which starts from January 17, will have "severe consequences".

Memon added that the deputy inspector general of police (DIG) traffic, superintendent of police (SP) Traffic, subdivisional police officers (SDPO), station house officers (SHO) and other officials have been given clear directives in this regard. 

Police officers will be monitoring the traffic campaign actively, he said.

Authorities have been directed that actions must be taken without discrimination and those arrested must not be released on any condition. Offenders have been ordered to be brought to court the next day.

The police chief further said that, after consultation, DIG Traffic Javed Mehar and the SP Traffic will schedule the time and duration of the campaign for the different localities.

He also appealed to the citizens to follow traffic rules and refrain from violating one-way in central areas.

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Govt increases traffic violation fines on highways, motorways

Last year, the federal cabinet had given approval for a massive increase in fines on highways and motorways.

The fine, which was previously Rs750 across the board for every violation, will now be Rs1,500 for speeding for motorbikes, Rs2,500 for cars, Rs5,000 for trucks and Rs10,000 for public service vehicles.

Other fines include a Rs1,500 penalty for illegal overtaking for both motorcycle and car drivers. Those car drivers and motorcyclists who are found taking a wrong U-turn will pay Rs1,000, while heavy vehicles will pay a fine of Rs3,000 for the same violation.

For traffic violation involving dangerous driving, a fine of Rs1,500 will be charged from all commuters.