Karachi: Ban imposed on public gatherings, jalsas, wedding and sports events

Commissioner Karachi imposes ban on gatherings and events at marriage halls, gyms, picnic spots till April 5, 2020

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Picture of a PTI jalsa in Karachi. PHOTO: file

KARACHI: A few hours after another coronavirus case emerged in the city on Saturday, the Commissioner Karachi imposed a ban on functions/gatherings/events at marriage halls, cinemas, public parks and other places till April 5, 2020. 

In a notification issued by the Commissioner Karachi, it was stated that a "complete ban on holding of public gatherings such as weddings, processions, Jalsas, Majalis, Urs, Anniversaries, ljtimaas, sports events, etc."

The notification further stated that all events and functions at Marriage Halls / Lawns, Cinema Halls, Marquees, Banquets, picnic spots, water parks, public parks, sea-sides, play lands, Gyms, social clubs are prohibited. 

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The precautionary measure has been taken in light of the outbreak of the pandemic in Pakistan and other parts of the world. The novel infection has killed more than 5,000 people around the world and affected 145,000. The outbreak of the coronavirus has disrupted supply chains around the globe and impacted the global economy. 

A few days ago, the Sindh government decided that all Pakistan Super League matches will be held in Karachi but as a safety precaution, crowds will be allowed to attend matches. 

Pakistan's affected toll of coronavirus cases rise to 31

Another patient of the novel coronavirus emerged in Sindh on Saturday, increasing the toll of affected persons to 31 across the country. This is the third reported case from the province in a single day.

The latest person diagnosed with the novel infection is a 20-year-old man with no travel history, confirmed the Sindh health department.

It was further confirmed that the patient's father had recently arrived in Karachi from the United Kingdom.

The emergence of the recent coronavirus case from Karachi raises the tally of affected persons from Sindh to 17. The health department confirmed that two persons who had earlier recovered from the infection were sent home.