Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani tests positive for coronavirus

Minister says he does not feel the symptoms but has gone into isolation

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Sindh's Minister for Education and Labour Saeed on Tuesday announced that he has been tested positive for the coronavirus.

In a video message on Twitter, Ghani said he got tested a day earlier and its results turned out positive.

However, the minister clarified that he has not felt any of the symptoms associated with the virus and felt healthy but emphasised that he has isolated himself since testing positive.

“If anyone of my friends and acquaintances feels the symptoms, then please get tested and isolate,” Ghani said, referring to the people who had met him over the past few days.

The minister in the message also urged citizens to take the government’s decision regarding the lockdown seriously and follow it. He urged everyone to stay home so the pandemic that has spread throughout Pakistan could be stopped.

Ghani's announcement comes at a time six people have died due to the virus and the number of confirmed cases stands at 882.