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Wednesday Apr 22 2020

Something is better than nothing: Shan Masood backs cricket behind closed doors

Shan Masood. Photo: Pakistan Cricket Board

KARACHI: Opener Shan Masood has backed the idea of playing cricket behind closed doors, saying that something is better than nothing and he will be happy to play cricket without spectators in the stadium.

“We need to stay connected with our sport and fitness routine. The first step toward the revival of cricket internationally will probably be having cricket behind closed doors,” Masood said an online session arranged by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) with journalists.

“I will be happy to play and I am sure my teammates will be equally ready and happy to play behind closed doors,” he said.

The 30-year-old further said that even though the players will miss the crowd at the stadium, there would at least be something and fans will also get some action on TV.

Meanwhile, Masood highlighted the importance of the environment in which a player grows, stating that if a player is surrounded by positivity, he would develop as a positive player.

"Players must be given a sense of security while he is in the squad, he should be given that confidence so that he performs better and better," said Masood.

Masood, who couldn’t impress much at the start of his career, has now become a regular selection in Pakistan’s red-ball team and his transformation has turned his critics into his advocates.

Masood, who had a tough start to his Test career, has since become a regular in Pakistan’s red-ball team and his transformation has turned his critics into his advocates.

He believes that playing domestic cricket with consistency has helped him improve the standard of his game.

He was subjected to claims of nepotism and was labelled "parchi" as his father was member of the Pakistan Cricket Board’s Board of Governors. While he admitted to being bothered by the tag, he said he no longer feels that way.

"I am now least bothered about such tags anymore. I am focused on my performance and I know that my only report-card is my performance,” Masood said.

The 30-year-old stressed the importance of keeping fit all year round instead of just for the fitness test.

"The best teams in the world are also the fittest teams", he said.

"My general fitness has played an important role in my growth as a cricketer. I try to keep myself fit according to set standards throughout the year and I can be tested any time for my fitness."

He also backed the role of departmental cricket in domestic cricket and hoped for a competition between departmental teams in the upcoming season.

"Departmental cricket has helped me a lot. It does play a role in development of cricketers. I have learnt under stalwarts in HBL and later among new players in UBL. The guidance of Younis Khan was a great contributing factor to my growth," he said.

"The PCB, I am hearing, is looking for a window to introduce a separate competition among departmental outfits and I would welcome it."

Talking about Pakistan Super League, Masood, who also led Multan Sultans, said that he would prefer playing the remaining matches over being declared winners as he believes the play-offs are the best part of the tournament.

He said that it was learning experience to lead veteran players like Shahid Afridi and Imran Tahir along with a group of youngsters in the side.

"Shahid Afridi was very supportive in the dugout and I believe that once you’re on field, each of the 11 players are captains of their own, they’ll have to contribute towards team’s requirement and share their input and such contributions are always important," he said.